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Yelp Sacramento, CA.

This restaurant is hidden in a tiny lot in the middle of a ghetto in between a dry cleaner and a dress shop, but it is so worth checking out. I have a middle eastern friend who I would always go over to their house to eat. The food at this place is just as good and authentic. It is family owned and ran. The establishment looks quiet shady but the food is absolutely amazing. A lot of the patrons are Indian which means the food must be authentic! I've lived right around the corner for over 3 years and I just now realized this place existed. So if you enjoy Indian food you need to check this place out! Decently priced and huge portions.

This place exceeds AB Indian Restauraunt by leaps and bounds! The food is exceptional and well maintained. This is a family run restauraunt that executes their business very well. Kay is always a pleasure to deal with and is passionate about her cooking. The samosas, tikkis, and eggplant side dish are excellent choices if you're new to the place. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to anyone looking for great Indian food in the South Sac area. The only disappointment is that the portion size can vary quite a bit depending on who is serving. In the end, an A+ restauraunt.

Yelp Davis, CA

My friend brought me to this Indian Restaurant for a quick lunch. It's definitely a hole in the wall Indian restaurant - from what I got, it's a family owned place. There was one other customer there as we walked in, and the place was pretty empty.

As I walk in, I notice that the decor is really dated. It looks like all the furniture is from the coffee shop the owner probably bought the place from. It's okay, as long as the food is tasty.I order and get my food. Everything is served on styrofoam plates. Utensils are plastic and water is served in styrofoam cups. Interesting choice.

I take my first bite. FLAVOR. SPICE. Good food. Yum! There was definitely a bit more spice than I'm used to. As a spicy food newbie, it was a bit much for me, but it wasn't unbearable. I wasn't a fan of the fried bread though. It was a bit too oily for my tastes.

Otherwise, I'd say that it was pretty good value. I think the meal ended up to be about $6-$7 and I left full. If you don't mind the decor and plastic/styrofoam eatingware, this is definitely a good place to eat at!

Yelp San Francisco, CA

love this place...we always drop by to get samosas,jalebi,and sweets..The kids who have been working the counter since they were babies i remember they do a wonderful job...its always fresh food and great service..try their mango lassi and lunch special its to die for....keep up the great work.